Maids In UAE

Maids in UAE on every home are worth to help employers find their next housemaid, nanny or Cook. You can get peace of mind and a lot of time when your hire and We help families find their perfect maids directly from our website house maids service in UAE that can help with you daily. In today's world finding a good maid and cleaners is very difficult but Maids in UAE Is what you need if you are looking for someone to assist you with the household works on your home and taking care of your kids . You would not have to worry even if you are very busy with your work because there is someone who can look out for your kids; feed them, change dress and let them sleep we house maids in UAE is here to help you. You won’t also be stressful on cleaning your home because the maids in UAE can also do that too and we are happy to help you with our services, so we are able to provide our service of house maid with any nationality like, philippines, srilanka, india, bangladesh, kenya, indonesia, nepal.


Do you really need maids? 4 reasons why you should have one. In UAE, dubai, abudhabi, sharjah, al ain, fujairah, ajman, ras al khaimah, umm al quwain, in these emirates there are some busiest cities as well is moving ahead at a rapid pace. As the cities are races forward, it will have its repercussion in your personal life as well. To catch up with the ever moving and busy life in UAE, you need support to manage your day to day activities with the help of maids services. This becomes quite obvious when your family grows and you are not getting enough time to mind at family matters. Here are 5 reasons why you should get the service of maids in UAE. We Have Al Manara Group of Companies in UAE.

  • Saves time

    At home we were busy from cooking to washing to cleaning, the household work is tiring and endless day by day. Having maids in UAE saves your precious time that you can use for any other important purpose.

  • Professional Maids service

    Most of the housemaids here are professionally familiar with cleaning and maids services in UAE. They know the various products and equipment to use for the various task in hand with their experience of maids services. This makes their work perfect and they can make the house owners happy and satisfied.

  • You have a full-time job

    If the client or house owners have a 9-6 job in UAE, it will be hard to manage everything that you need to do at home everyday. Our experienced and trained House maids in UAE can help you in reducing your stress and thereby providing a more relaxing time for the people.

  • You have elderly people or children at home

    If you have elderly people or kids at home that they need help and care at your home, Hiring maid service lets you spend more quality time with them and maids can help your time saving. Similarly, if you have a newborn baby and you are not getting time to attend any other work at home. UAE maids can actually provide the support you need during such a risky face of life and you can be relaxed at home with you kids and family.

Above all of this, may you will looking for maid services. This is where house maids in UAE will comes into your mind. We provide maids services in Dubai, abudhabi, sharjah, al ain, fujairah, ajman, ras al khaimah, umm al quwain at a very affordable rate. All you have to do is pickup the phone and dial the number that we provided at the website and we are here to help you at anytime for maids services in UAE.

Maids Services

We are buys these days and time are running fastly day by day. We need to arrange our homes in our day to day life, and keep maintained. We are not getting any free time to spend with family here in UAE. The families that are living in UAE, they are mostly trying to hire a maids services to maintain their home and setting up the maid as cooking, washing and cleaning, etc... Here are some reasons that we listed out for hiring maids for families in UAE.

  • Cleanliness

    Without any doubt, it is very important to keep cleaned your house everyday for your better health, and the cleaning your house every day that you can do with a maid services. So we don't need to worry about our health if we kept our home cleaned.

  • Busy Schedule

    If the people are busy with their daily time schedule, they can't arrange everything together like, cooking, cleaning, washing, caring their child, etc. It is almost you will be tiered and you will not get enough time to spend with your family. If you appointed a maid for this it will be easy that they will finish everything when you are coming back from the work, and which makes your mind relaxed.

Maids Company

In our busy lives, we are waking at the early morning and making food, dressing up kids to school. You are busy at all time in the house till you are getting out for the work. There you needs some help from maids, so they can maintain all activities that you are doing with out any schedule, you can free form everything if you find a best maids companies. Home must be very cleaned and well maintained, but it will not be possible at your busy schedule. When you are hiring a maid for your house from any maids company, you must make sure that the company should professional maids providers and please stay away from fake and fraud maids company in UAE.

Maids Agencies

In UAE, there are number of professional maids agencies and also non professional known as freelancers. The difference between freelancers and professional one is, we can believe with the professional agencies that are well known inside the public, as a freelancers we can't judge them well, when they will be available for their services and about the schedule, etc.. If you are hiring maids agency for the first time, you must get feedbacks from the public or your neighbours. So you will not be trapped in any kind fake agencies.

Maid service UAE

To find a Maid service UAE is not a risky task in these days. Looking for full time and part time house maids will never be hard because there are a lot of house maid companies in UAE that can provide you the best maid services. If you want affordable maid service in UAE, We can be the part of that for, so we can provide full time and part time maid service in UAE.

For the part time maids, we can utilise these type of services for some small functions and your home or for some urgent cleaning, etc. It will be easier to conduct the function with the help of maid. They are also well-trained and professional maids so they can assure that they can manage all the required things that they should do in a giving time frame and they will complete their work properly. If you are hiring a part time maid will be cheaper by expense than a full time maid.

Our company which is an organization that provides maid service UAE can provide you part time housemaid that you can hire per hour that depends on your work. You can hire them from our maid service UAE for the minimum of 3 hours and if you want to schedule it for weekly or monthly basis then we can also provide it for you with our services. We ensure that your maid service UAE will make you feel satisfied as our team offers you the trusted and good housemaid.

If you like to have full time housemaids then we also have that in our maid service UAE. If you are looking for maid to make a clean home on daily basis? Do you want someone who can cook your food regularly? How about for your kids, do you want them to live comfortably in a healthy environment? If you want that then you must get a full time housemaid for your home.

We provides maid service UAE and what they are providing to their clients is a well-trained, trusted and professional housemaid that you can trust for a long time your home. You can hire them yearly and even for 2 years contract depends on yours. You can have more time for your family and focus on your work because you already have someone to do those essentials at home and they are doing every works at home. You won’t need to worry about your laundry because they can manage that with their professional washing skills in everyday. They can also do ironing of your clothes, cooking foods for your kid and maintaining the overall cleanliness of your home and it will be very helpful to get free from your busy life.

You can have these full time and part time house maids for a very affordable assistance price if you hire the maids with our services. To have the best partner that can do professional and best quality cleaning and with our maid service UAE is our main aim, we can make it possible with our professional maids service UAE. There’s no need to worry when you want to invest on having house maids services UAE, you can contact with us at any time for our services all over UAE, like dubai, abudhabi, al ain, sharjah, ajman, fujairah, ras al khaimah, umm al quwain.

Our House Cleaning Maid Service in UAE offers:

Part Time Or Hourly Maids In UAE

  • According to the time you have choosed, part time or hourly maids in UAE can work as a hourly basis.
  • Hourly maids in UAE can finish the work within the desired hours that the clients provided to them.

Full Time Maid service in UAE

  • Full time maids are working for the full day or may be they will work for contract basis for monthly or yearly and also in per day basis.
  • Full time maids in UAE will take care of your home for 24 hrs or for the time that provided by the client as well.
  • Home Maids Nationalities


    Part time maids in UAE

    Part time maids in UAE can make your home preserve its cleanliness without spending a lot of money which means people can utilise this services part by part according to their work. You can decide the hours of works to provide for maids in UAE. Actually, some of the residents or families that are staying here preferred to hire part time maids services in UAE and still they can still get a lot of benefits upon hiring it on hourly based maids, daily based maids, weekly or just monthly based maids. If you are involved in work and you still have little kids to take care then you can simply hire part time maids in UAE that can assist you with that and with the overall household works like cooking, cleaning, washing.

    There are main four reasons to to hire the part time maids in UAE
    • They are professional and well trained

      Part time maids in UAE from our company undergo several trainings that will make you feel satisfied as you hire them and also people can hire the maids for full time based on their needs by checking out the work from their home. They are very flexible in doing a lot of things such as cleaning the house, taking care of your kids, cooking in Part time maids in UAE as well as Full time maids. They are very hard working and you can hire them easily from us by making call to our online representatives at any time.

    • Payment for hour based works

      When you hire part time maids in UAE, you are responsible to pay them based their work hours that they have done. We are providing one hour based payment pricelist and if you are hiring them for 4 or 5 hours it will be calculated with price and also the price will be affordable based on the more hours of maids services. Hiring part time maids in UAE are also convenient for everyone as they can just customized the things that the maids will do for the people who hire them. If you are planning to travel to other countries or places for a long break and you need someone to pack and iron your clothes and other things that before you leave then it is very good to hire part time house maids in UAE to provide the quality assistance from your busy scheduled time.

    • Maids will treat you like their own family

      If you hired a maid to your house means there we bring a new member to your family. Since they are always with you to assist on your home, talking to them and spending time can make you be close to each other and think you as your family and also we can see them as a of our family. They are not just good on maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your home but you can also count them as your family with their long live at your home. At our company, we also treat the maids like our family. We value them so much, they also want an employer who can treat them like a family just like how will they treat them to have happy maids service. Here we make sure that all of our part time maids in UAE knows how to value things at home and how to keep it safe, time and also knows how to maintain a good relationship with their employers and other members of the family to create a longtime services.

    • Trusted part time maids in UAE

      They are well trusted and as a professional house maids provider in UAE, we make sure that you can trust our part time maids in regards to your items and other personal belongings at home and you don't need to make any worries about it. And also you can trust them in ensuring the safety of your kids and your home at all times till our maids service is there.

    You have to think that we are not just offering part time maids in UAE, we have the part time and full time, hourly, weekly, monthly, maids services in all over UAE like, dubai, sharjah, abu dhabi, al ain, ajman, fujairah, ras al khaimah, umm al quwain. If you are interested to make sure that you can properly maintain on your home, make a contact and hire our part time maids in UAE now.

    Maid In UAE

    Maid in UAE is a service provider that makes your home clean and safe at the same time by our maids. It is very simple to hire housemaids if you need assistance for the cleaning of your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen at your home.

    Are you looking for an excellent and professional house maid in UAE? There is only one company that you can trust with that and it is our company that can provide you the best maid in UAE. We offer maid in all over UAE and you can hire them for part time or full time that depends on the people suggestions. We also do service customization work depends on the scope of work and budget you have at the time. If you only want maid in UAE to clean your home then we have that you can trust us we are professional maids provider. We make sure that the maid you will get from us is very experienced and well trained in maintaining the cleanliness your house. In another case if you just want maid that can take care of your kids, feed them, change clothes, make them sleep and make sure that they are healthy then we also have that type of maids in our company. One thing we were sure about was we can guarantee that you can trust our maid in UAE with that.

    Our house maid service is the one that you can trust if you want to have the best and expersienced professional housemaid. At the case of our customers, we understand that they will be spending money when they are hiring so they need to make sure that they can able to choose the maid in UAE that fits in their job descriptions and taste by nationalities, age, behaviour, salary and other contract details. With this maid services, we will not make them to feel stress and this is why our company is here to guide them to have their maid in UAE.

    Maid Service In UAE

    Maid service in UAE is very popular in the field of maids service provider. And also insidethe public it became very essential to every home to have a housemaid so everything will be well organized and clean since we have someone whom we can depend on.

    Having maids at home will help us reduce our stress and it will be easy for busy people. At the time we are busy on our work every day and we couldn’t have time to clean our house then it can really cause too much stress and we will not be able to spend free time with friends and family. You cannot able to get enough rest and sleep because you still need to clean your place and this makes us very tired by doing these items by yourselves. In such situations, the best solution is to hire a professional housemaid in UAE that can keep your place clean everyday. Feel free to contact maid service in UAE that is authorized to provide maids on part time and full time basis for maid service in UAE.

    If you are looking for a company that can help you with all the process of maid service in UAE then our company is always here to guide you as a maid. Also we offer part time and full time house maids all over in UAE. We are the one to find the housemaid that you want to have based on your requirements and you needs. Also we will process all of their papers and make sure that they can do their job independently at maid service in UAE. Whenever you need full time or part time maid in UAE, you can trust us and we will provide the professional maids services.

    House Maid UAE

    Housemaid UAE is the one that our company which is a professional house maid company can provide to their valued clients here in all over UAE like, ajman, fujairah, dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, al ain, ras al khaimah and umm al quwain. Also we are providing full time as well as part time house maids in all over UAE. Whether you want it per weekly, monthly and in contracts then our house maid company in UAE is the one you can trust with our service.

    In the case of our full time made, you need to pay the recruitment cost and pay the monthly salary of your house maid UAE according to the contracts. Also we will require you to conduct an interview with the applicants that we are planning to fit for the requirement. And also you can discuss with maids about their job descriptions, accommodation, food, salary, day offs, benefits and other details for better deal to have. It is also a requirement to pay for their medical expenses, insurance, and their flight tickets when your house maid UAE needs to go back to their home country if they are not interested to work or for holidays. If they decided to just continue their work instead of going back then you need to pay them the additional month’s salary as per we discussed before.

    Housemaid services UAE

    Housemaid services UAE is providing professional services and we can guarantee you that you can get a hardworking and efficient housemaid that will lessen your stress as they will be the person to handle the daily task at home for make easing the work.

    We are the top leading house maid agency that provides housemaid services UAE and in our company, it is where you can hire your next housemaid which nationalities you want a Filipino, Indonesian, Sri Lankan or Indian, Ethiopian, and others.

    At the time you hire from our housemaid services UAE, you can make sure that it would be great as we are an authorized professional company to provide our clients the best house maid services UAE that will make easy for them to look for the one they can trust their house caring, kids, food and everything on your home.

    We also understand that before hiring live in house maid in UAE you need to consider a lot of things and these is that you must make sure that you can have the trustworthy house maid services in UAE. If your maid main task is to take care of your kids then they should be well professionally trained for the service. And also they must know how to handle kids properly as it is not an easy thing to do as a perfect housemaid services UAE. What we are trying to make you understand that, you must need to inform everyone that wants to apply and do background check and our maids company, you don’t have to worry because we already did that and we can guarantee you that you can trust all our available maids and we are sure that you can get the best housemaid services UAE.

    Full Time Maid UAE

    As a Full time maid UAE can do a lot of things and hiring them can help you in managing your home especially if you can’t manage it well because of your busy schedules according to their busy life. There are some reasons to hire full time house maid in UAE and these are:

    • Have no time to clean your home

      When we are very busy with our work, we sometimes forget on the other things that we must do especially on our homes to make everything clean and perfect. Attending some business related meetings on different places makes us forget the some things and we have a lot of spare time in day to day life, we just want to spend those time with our families instead of doing those essential things because of course, family time is more important so this is why most residents here are into hiring full time maid service UAE so that they can still relax and do other things they want to do instead of being so stressful and worried about their homes and also they will get more time to spend with their family.

    • Have no much experience in handling kids at home

      If you have kids and work at the same time in your life, it is really hard to balance your time and it will make stress. If you have someone like maids you can count on in taking care of your kids then it is a very great decision to have as long as you can make sure that you can trust the one that you will be hiring a maids for the house. You can work and you won’t need to worry about your kids because the full time maid UAE you can make sure that she will give the right amount of love and care.

    • Have no time to cook for your food

      In your day to day life cooking is very time consuming and just like what I’ve said, it would be much easier if you will hire someone like maids to cook your food at all times in your house. You would not need to go out anymore and buy foods or sleep without eating anything because you don’t have time to cook and feel relaxed. You can also save money by ignoring ordering food items in online services. This can be possible if you will be hiring full time maid UAE that can prepare everyday the breakfast, lunch and dinner to serve the family as well. Are you looking for maids that can help you on daily basis? Feel free to contact us as soon as possible by using our phone number that we provided at the website.

    Maid agency UAE

    Maid agency UAE is a professional company. We are an accredited as one of the trusted housemaid agencies in UAE that offers housemaid services in all over UAE which includes full time nanny in UAE, cook in UAE, driver in UAE and baby sitter in UAE. Our housemaids are all well professionally trained and will not cause stress to you at home. And also they are very flexible in doing other things that are related to their house maid work.

    At our maid agency UAE, you can have the best quality housemaid that is professionally qualified in their job. Also We have the maids from such countries like India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia. You have the role to choose that housemaid that you want to have and that will fit in your job descriptions and home. Our maid agency UAE will help you in the process of hiring the right maid for your house. You will provide their residence visa, accommodation, medical fee, insurance, food and other benefits as we discussed.

    Feel free to contact maid agency UAE like us to provide you the necessary things in order to hire full time house maids. You can also hire part time house maids in UAE which is way cheaper than hiring full time.

    Part time maids UAE

    In the case of Part time maids UAE, housemaid services which is located in all over United Arab Emirates. You can trust Our company if you like to have a part time maids UAE or part time cleaners in UAE.

    Also we have a lot of available maids from the countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other countries that you can choose from us. You can freely contact us and make enquiry from us and we will provide the part time maids UAE at the exact time that you need them.

    Our part time services are paid per hour based; in short, you can save money when you consider on hiring part time maids UAE, You can hire them for minimum of 3 hours and you can do special request from us and we will relay it to our part timers and the price will be affordable according to more hours. You can have your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and other areas clean because our part time maids UAE are very excellent and professional in their work.

    Such a case that you are looking for part time or full time house maids in UAE, just contact the best company that can make sure that you can able to have the best cleaner in UAE, nanny in UAE, and baby sitter at home in UAE. Call us for the part time maids UAE for more details.

    Filipino maid UAE

    Filipino maid UAE is skilled and professionally trained in doing household works such as washing dishes, clothes and cleaning all areas at home in maids services. Without any doubt you can hire them for part time and full time for your home. By regarding to hiring domestic helpers for you, there are key areas that everyone must know and these are the rights and privileges, prohibitions, contracts, recruitment agencies.

    At the case of contracts, of course it is a requirement for an employer to let the housemaid knows and provides a copy of his or her job contract at the time. A Filipino maid UAE must also be aware on his or her job descriptions and must know their rights as a domestic helper for houses. At the time of hiring domestic helpers under 18 years old below for house maid service, discrimination based on race, skin color, gender, religion and political opinions are strictly prohibited. Sexual harassment; verbal or physical and tasks that are not covered within the contract is not also allowed and it also strictly prohitbitted.

    Notice that It is not just applicable for Filipino maid UAE but also for other nationalities too, we believe that investing on our company is a great assurance that you can get the best maid in UAE. You can definitely trust our Filipino maids UAE at all times with our services.

    Full time maid in UAE

    Full time maid in UAE provides professional housemaid services all overs in UAE. Full time maid in UAE also providing part time cleaners uae, nanny uae, and housemaid uae that you can also get for a cheap price.

    Also, you can hire our full time maid in UAE without worrying anything because we will assist you with the overall process of house maid services. We are a professional housemaid agency in UAE that can provide you convenience in getting the maids that you can trust for a long time such a service providers like us. Also we have full time maid in UAE and you can also choose from different nationalities like Filipino, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Ethiopian and etc.

    Our years of experience in housemaid and cleaning services industry, we can make sure that you can have the right housemaid services; full time maid in UAE or part time that perfectly matches in what you are looking for. We have the full time nannies in UAE that you can hire yearly or depends on your side. You can also hire part time nannies in UAE if you want and you can choose whether you want a live out or live in nanny, house maid or cleaner services.

    Maid Company in UAE

    Maid Company in UAE can provide you easiness in hiring maid for your house works like, cook and nannies that can help you out on your home. House maid can maintain and keep in clean your house from living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other areas. Our knowledgeable cooks can prepare your food from your breakfast at home, lunch and up to dinner as per the taste that you like to have. They are well professionally trained in all kinds of foods to cook for you. We are also providing nannies that can help you in taking care of your kids at your home.

    When you are planning to hire house maids in UAE, the best way is to look for the professional maid company in UAE that can accommodate all your needs for your house. We are a professional house maid agency in UAE that operates our services all over UAE.

    You can trust our company in all your needs that we are providing. Also our customer centric services will make you have the best nanny, cook and cleaners that you can hire from us and be your partner in maintain your home to be well professionally organized. Contact us for house maid services for an easy process of hiring maids, cook, and cleaners in UAE as we are the trusted maid company like us.

    Maid supplier in UAE

    Maid supplier in UAE, We can supply you the professional housemaids, cleaners, cook and nannies all over in UAE. We make sure that we are doing the proper background check on every housemaid that we are hiring for our house. You can hire them for a cheaper price and we can still guarantee you that you our excellent domestic services in UAE.

    Our mission as a maid supplier in UAE is to provide you the best housemaid so we can ensure that you will be satisfied with our services in UAE. You can have the professional maid supplier services from us as your maid supplier in UAE and also you can trust our hard working maids to serve you all the time. Are you planning to hire for a housemaid that suites for your budget? Contact us , the maid supplier in UAE.

    Nanny UAE

    Nanny UAE is part of our services that we are providing to our valued clients that wants to have professionally qualified nannies, cleaners, drivers, and cook that are trustworthy from our maids services in UAE. Are you looking for a nanny UAE to take care of your kids at home? There will be no hassle or doubts anymore are we are the number one nanny agency in UAE that will make sure that you can have professional, skillful and responsible nanny service providers for your kids.

    Our nanny UAE will make sure that your kids will have a healthy environment as they clean all the areas at home especially their bedrooms and playgrounds with our nanny. They will also make sure that they can prepare the food for children and feed your children and of course our nanny UAE has knowledge in some nursery rhymes and other educational activities. To make sure that your children are on the right hands and safe, you must hire our nanny UAE.

    Filipino nanny UAE

    Our Filipino nanny UAE is the one you can trust for the proper welfare of your kids in your home. Also the have to take responsible enough in caring and will do the other duties in regards to your children such as taking them to bath, preparing their meals, school bags, uniforms, and other activities everything we will do as a professional nanny.

    If you are a parent that are busy always with their work, best decision to ensure that your children can still have the proper care is to hire a nanny from a professional nanny provider that they will treat them like their own children. Filipino nanny UAE and also well known for having such a big heart for kids to take care them. When you are planning to hire Filipino nanny in UAE, they will make sure that your children are healthy and will get the right amount of time , attention, love and care for them. This is why people here want to have a Filipino nanny UAE that will love them unconditionally just like how you as their parents care for them and at our company; it would be very easy for you to have that because we can provide your Filipino nanny UAE.

    Asian maids in UAE

    Asian maids in UAE are also known for being so hard working and can do multitasking at your home as professional maids in UAE. Asian maids are very professional when it comes to their job and this is why it is very easy to hire them for our house not only for part time maids but also part time Asian housemaids in UAE. Are you tyring to hire Asian maids in UAE? Or maybe house maids that are from Indonesia or other Asian countries like india, srilanka, bangladesh, nepal etc.? Yes, we are providing that too, a housemaid agency in UAE which one of their goals is to provide Asian maids in UAE. Just feel Free to call us to make enquiry about our services, responsibilities you want to give maids, nationality you are looking for, salary offer so we can help you when it comes hiring Asian maids in UAE.

    House maid part time in UAE

    House made part time in UAE is also available from our company and we are providing that. As a professionally authorized housemaid agency in UAE, we have the confident enough that we can provide you the best maids that you want to have at your home. You just need to make a call and let us know what are your needs and requirements specifically and you can choose from our various house made part time in UAE staff that will help you in cleaning on your home for you. House made part time in UAE is very affordable in price and you can directly interview them and let them know their duties and responsibilities while working for you to the maids that you have choice to choose you favourate nationalities. We make sure that our part time maids are all professionally trained in doing household jobs.

    You can also hire our house made part time in UAE and pay just based on how many hours did they work that you are going to give the maids. Maids can also do cleaning of your home, taking care of your kids, cook your food, and all the rest of the works at you home. We have the main advantages of hiring house made part time in UAE is that they can suites on your vacant times so whenever you have free time and feel relaxed at home , People can easily communicate and hire the maids. If you are looking to hire one to preserve and have a well professionally clean and organized your home, you can hire our house made part time in UAE.


    Our rates will surely fit in your budget since it is truly affordable. We are charging 35 AED per hour for the maid without cleaning materials while 40 AED if we will be the one to provide it.

    Provisions of cleaning materials are relies upon you. We can provide it for you if you don’t have enough best quality cleaning materials on your home while we give discount if you will provide it.

    Yes, our housemaid services are available to hire anywhere in United Arab Emirates.

    If you are interested to hire housemaids from us, we have minimum of 3 hours.

    Yes, we are also providing that and you can contact us for the rates of our housemaids on monthly basis.

    Our professional housemaids are all well-trained in terms of cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids/toddlers.

    Yes, our housemaids know all of the household chores.

    We have Filipino, Ethopian, Kenya and Uganda housemaid that are available to hire in UAE.

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